Silversmith and jelewer of the late 19th century

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      Henri Husson

Born in 1852, Henri Husson first starts a locksmith career like his father, before dedicated himself to art ironwork, then specializes in silver and creation of jewels. Singular artiste, who lived aside from the trends and artistic movements of his time, we still find in his creations a proximity with the Symbolism and the Japonisme of the late 19th century.

Henri Husson Vase en argent

Remarkable silver vase with a grasshopper

Because of its impressive quality, it seems very likely that our vase was exhibited in the Salons of Paris and Mulhouse in 1908. Indeed, we can see on the book of the Paris Salon that the silversmith exhibited there, a display case containing diverse works of art who belong to Mr Hébrard, founder. On the second Salon’s book, the number 142 is designated as a silver vase, property of Mr. A. Hébrard, Art founder, in Paris, 8, rue Royale.

Red copper and silver handle

This original handle made of red copper and adorned with plants and silver winding
motifs is close to the silversmith’s work Henri Husson to who we attribute its making.

Henri Husson poignée

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